Saving Water, Changing Lives: Aabshar’s Innovations at Saylani Welfare International

How Simple Solutions Are Making a Big Difference

In the heart of busy Karachi, Pakistan, Saylani Welfare International serves almost 300,000 underprivileged on daily basis, with over 200 community centers across Pakistan, not only mosques but also educational institutes, hospitals, and food distribution centers. Saylani’s HQ in Bahadurabad has over 500 people coming to pray Namaz five times a day. It’s in a very busy market area, so not only the office workers & staff but also people from nearby shops, visitors and stalls use the HQ for their daily water needs.

But, with so many people, there was a big problem. Mosques & HQ Management team had trouble with not enough water and high electricity bills for the water pumps. Even though they tried really hard, they always ran out of water before each prayer(Namaz) time. This made the people praying upset.

Then, Aabshar came to help. They installed water-saving optimizers on all the taps. The results were amazing! Saylani’s reports show that in just one month, they used 92% less water and saved a lot of money on their electricity bill. Click here to watch Saylani’s Impact Report on their social media

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This success made everyone at Saylani very happy. Their leader & Chairman, Hazrat Maulana Bashir Ahmed Farooqui, shared a special video talking about how this helped them. You can watch it here: 

If you want to help mosques save money and use donations better, you can see which ones need help at www.mosques.aabshar.net 

Together, we can make a big difference and make sure every drop counts.

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