Case Studies

Hospitality Sustainability Case
How an Pakistan Air Force HQ (PAFSOM ARENA) in Islamabad reduced water waste by 85% in just a day The hospitality industry, much like others in the business world, has…
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Aabshar Textile Industry CaseStudy
Sustainable Textiles Case
How US Apparel & Textile Reduced Water Wastage by 87% Social Impact 41 Million Liters of Water Saved 6.6 Million  Trees Saved 149,000  Lives Impacted 04 Months Payback Period (ROI)…
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Nozzle Donation in Mosque
How Aabshar helped reduce 4.69 million liters of water consumption in a Mosque in Model Town, Lahore Almost two-thirds of the world’s population faces severe water scarcity for at least…
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The Water Saving Company