Hospitality Sustainability Case

How an Pakistan Air Force HQ (PAFSOM ARENA) in Islamabad reduced water waste by 85% in just a day

The hospitality industry, much like others in the business world, has much to gain from becoming sustainable. Sustainable practices – the mindful use of resources so as to save them for humanity – play a vital role in achieving customer satisfaction in today’s world. When customers are happy, they return, and returning customers are the fuel of the hospitality industry. Therefore, sustainability is a new ingredient playing a part in customers’ happiness, which is why hotels must strive ever so more to achieve it.

One hotel that has taken steps towards sustainability is the Millennium Hotel (PAFSOM ARENA) , Islamabad . Based in the capital, it sits at the epicentre of all activities, and it must make efforts to conserve the natural environment that surrounds it. On its mission to become more sustainable, it faces somewhat of a challenge: it must incorporate sustainable practices in its hotel without compromising on customer comfort and convenience. It, like all hotels, searches for a solution that would not damage its facilities or create hindrances of any sort in the customer experience, which is a task that requires much research and analysis.

In June 2020, the Millennium Hotel (PAFSOM ARENA) ’s correspondence with Aabshar began. Soon after, in 104 rooms of the hotel, Aabshar installed water-saving nozzles that save water in water taps by breaking down the water flow into multiple streams. The nozzles were easily installed into the existing taps of the hotel lavatories by Team Aabshar with no extra plumbing required. No hotel equipment was damaged, no taps were removed and the whole process was completed in just a day. Aabshar’s water-saving nozzles

Resultingly, Millennium Hotel (PAFSOM ARENA) Islamabad has reduced 85% of its water waste through taps, with no change in customer experience. In just one month, Millennium Hotel (PAFSOM ARENA) has saved 87.4 thousand liters of water. Millennium Hotel (PAFSOM ARENA) has taken a great step in making its operations more sustainable, because of which it reaps many benefits; cost-saving, customer satisfaction and contribution to the global SDGs.

A hotel’s very success depends upon its ability to satisfy customers and conserving the environment with the help of a nozzle is a fast, easy and effective way to go.

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