The Problem

Mosques are opening to worshippers all year round and serve as the centre-place for communal prayer, spiritual guidance, Islamic education for children and a safe community hub. Hundreds and thousands of worshippers come to their nearby mosques for prayers and guidance. Each day, they use water to purify themselves as they enter and utilize the space. In a month, a mosque consumes over 550,000 liters of water, a resource which is paid for by the mosque administrations. As Ramadan comes around, this consumption goes even higher to accommodate a larger number of worshippers. This also requires for the administration to run water motors regularly to ensure they have enough water in the tank for every person who comes in. In these inflationary times, the resulting water and electricity bills are too much to accommodate.

Imagine going to your mosque to offer your prayers during Ramadan, only to find out that there is no water left for Wuzu. How would you feel?

Sadly, this is a common issue faced by many Muslims in Karachi, Pakistan. Mosques often run out of water, especially during peak hours, leaving people unable to perform Wuzu and offer their prayers. Not only is this frustrating, but it also affects the spiritual experience of Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan.

The Objective

We want to convert 15 mosques in Karachi, Pakistan to be able to save water during Ramadan. We will accomplish this by fitting water-conserving nozzles on all the standard taps which will reduce water wastage by up to 85%, helping mosques by reducing their water bills and their electricity bills.

The Plan

A single-mode water-conserving nozzle costs $13.61 and an average mosque has roughly 25 taps.

$13.61 x 25 = $340.25 (Make one mosque water efficient)

Standard water taps, that discharge water at 12-14 liters/min will be replaced with an innovative water-saving nozzle that reduces the flow of water by up to 85%, while still maintaining sufficient water pressure for Wuzu. This means that more Muslims will be able to perform Wuzu with the same amount of water, and we can save thousands of liters of water every day.

We want to install 400 water saving nozzles in 15 mosques across the city to help them save on water and electricity bills.

It’s a small contribution that can make a big impact. By donating just $1, you can help us save enough water for 7 people to do Wuzu.

Impact we Have Created

1.3 Billion Liters


23 million


236 million


23 Billion kgs


Water scarcity is a global issue that affects millions of people, particularly in developing countries. Aabshar is an organization that is making a real impact in tackling this issue by developing innovative solutions that are transforming lives. The innovative water saving nozzle has won international awards and keeps bringing positive change in communities that need water saving solutions.

Our story

Not so long ago, Ali was working on a project with a power supply company in a remote area of Pakistan. He witnessed alarming levels of damage water scarcity brought to the locals. People consumed contaminated water and had limited water supply in their taps.

The problem inspired him to find a way to help people save water and positively impact their own carbon footprints. With his grandfather’s passion for mechanical engineering as inspiration, he set out on a mission to find a solution that would help people in his communities, his city and his country save water. Thus, began Aabshar.

The Aabshar nozzle!

After three years of research and development, Aabshar created a nozzle made from locally abundant food-grade brass material that helps save up to 98% of the water coming out of the taps. The product is designed to be easy-to-use and retrofits within 30 seconds. The Aabshar nozzle instantly starts saving 98% of water that goes through it. 

Additionally, it saves up to 60% of the electricity that is consumed by electric pumps. The nozzle helps reduce tons of carbon footprint, with a payback of just three weeks. One user reported they saved upwards of 30% on their monthly utility bills thanks to the nozzles fitted around their house.

Our Research And Impact

We have collaborated with blue chip companies to install Aabshar nozzles in schools, colleges, universities, hospitals and local mosques. These successful projects allow us to continuously research and perfect the nozzle design and experience. As a result, we are able to impact more and more lives everyday, and create a huge impact in saving the water we have for the communities around us.

Our work is not just about numbers and statistics, it is about changing lives for the better. One touching story comes from a small village in Pakistan, where a mother was struggling to provide her family with enough water to drink and cook with. She would spend hours each day fetching water from a distant source, leaving little time to care for her family or earn an income. After Aabshar’s product was installed in her home, she was able to save enough water to reduce her daily trips and spend more time with her children.

Join Our Fight Against Water Scarcity!

Aabshar is an organization that’s making a real difference in the fight against water scarcity. Their innovative product has helped to save millions of liters of water, reduce carbon emissions, and save individuals and communities money on their monthly utility bills.

But perhaps most importantly, their work has brought hope to people who are struggling to access clean water. By continuing to invest in research and collaborations, Aabshar is transforming lives and making a meaningful impact on the world.


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