Water Saving Goal

Objective: 1,300 / 10,000 nozzles
Mosque Impacted 38 / 300

For every nozzle, Rs. 100 will be going to ArtHouse by Sarwat Gilani to support education of young children. Click here to visit their website. 

The Problem

Mosques are opening to worshippers all year round and serve as the centre-place for communal prayer, spiritual guidance, Islamic education for children and a safe community hub. Hundreds and thousands of worshippers come to their nearby mosques for prayers and guidance. Each day, they use water to purify themselves as they enter and utilize the space. In a month, a mosque consumes over 550,000 liters of water, a resource which is paid for by the mosque administrations. As Ramadan comes around, this consumption goes even higher to accommodate a larger number of worshippers. This also requires for the administration to run water motors regularly to ensure they have enough water in the tank for every person who comes in. In these inflationary times, the resulting water and electricity bills are too much to accommodate.

Imagine going to your mosque to offer your prayers during Ramadan, only to find out that there is no water left for Wuzu. How would you feel?

Sadly, this is a common issue faced by many Muslims in Karachi, Pakistan. Mosques often run out of water, especially during peak hours, leaving people unable to perform Wuzu and offer their prayers. Not only is this frustrating, but it also affects the spiritual experience of Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan.

The Plan

A single-mode water-conserving nozzle costs Rs 3,500 and an average mosque has roughly 25 taps.

Rs 3,500 x 25 = Rs 87,500 (Make one mosque water efficient)

Standard water taps, that discharge water at 12-17 liters/min will be replaced with an innovative water-saving nozzle that reduces the flow of water by up to 85%, while still maintaining sufficient water pressure for Wuzu. This means that more Muslims will be able to perform Wuzu with the same amount of water, and we can save thousands of liters of water every day.

The ArtHouse by Sarwat Gilani

Art House by Sarwat Gilani is an inclusive after-school creative learning center founded in March 2022 for children aged 3 to 10 years, based in Karachi. Their mission is to create an inclusive and resourceful platform where young growing minds can develop skills in a variety of fields imperative to developing imagination, critical thinking, craftsmanship, digital literacy, physical dexterity, and displaying creative freedom of expression and self awareness. Art House by Sarwat Gilani caters to children owning a variety of capabilities and from all communities.

The Impact We Have Created

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