Aabshar and Sapphire Textile Mills sign deal to save water in production

Lahore, Pakistan, July 14, 2022 – Aabshar Solution Pvt. Ltd., a multinational organization that specializes in reducing water wastage, partnered with Sapphire Textile Mills Ltd., a giant in the textile industry, to reduce water wastage in their manufacturing process. In this transformative deal, an initial 29 units of Aabshar’s water-saving nozzles will be installed into one unit of the Sapphire Textile Mills. Further instalments are expected.

Ali Khursheed, CEO of Aabshar, welcomes this deal as the starting point of many more mutually beneficial and environmentally impactful projects the two firms could have together. “The textile industry is one that could benefit greatly from saving water. But the amazing thing is that not only does it help the firm itself, but textile firms also have such large amounts of water waste that this deal’s impact on the environment is substantial. A win-win.”

The Chief Marketing Officer of Aabshar, Ali Aurangzeb, adds, “I think consumers are realizing that what they buy affects the environment. We’re getting to that point where we really start to question, do I need this? Is this harming the environment? And is there a more environmentally conscious firm that can give me the same product? From a marketing standpoint, I really think this initiative holds value.”

“We congratulate Sapphire Textile Mills on their excellent initiative and are excited to collaborate with this firm in the future.”

About Aabshar Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Aabshar Solution Pvt. Ltd., founded in 2018 and headquartered in Fontana, California, is a multinational organization that aims to tackle wate scarcity with its water-saving nozzles. So far, Aabshar Solution Pvt. Ltd. Has saved 227 million litres of water, 906 thousand trees and 877 tons of CO2.

About Sapphire Textile Mills Ltd.

Sapphire Textile Mills Ltd., founded in 1969 and operating in 36 countries, is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of textiles in Pakistan specializing in home textiles, fabrics and yarn materials.

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