Sustainable Textiles Case

How US Apparel & Textile Reduced Water Wastage by 87%

Social Impact

41 Million
Liters of Water Saved
6.6 Million
Trees Saved
Lives Impacted
04 Months
Payback Period (ROI)

“Sustainability is no longer a priority but has become essential in today’s times” – Asif Malik, CEO, US Group, Pakistan.

The textile industry uses large amounts of natural resources, including energy and water, in its manufacturing processes. The textile industry’s risks posed to the environment are not uncommon knowledge. As consumer awareness grows in an era of globalization, the demand for sustainable textiles increases worldwide.

Situated in Lahore and a world-leading denim fabric and garment manufacturer, the US Group, has attained massive growth and success since its start in 1975. However, consumers are growing environmentally conscious daily as they begin questioning their purchasing choices and prefer sustainable businesses working to eliminate their harmful impact on the environment and help better the environment through CSR activities.

Hence, the US Group continuously strives to be an eco-friendly and socially responsible textile business, with energy management, water management, and GHG emissions being some of its main targets. The firm plans on reducing water waste by two primary means, (i) process improvement, and (ii) recycling and reuse.

To help reduce water wastage in the manufacturing process, which correlates to means (i) process improvement, Aabshar was asked to install 2000 water-saving nozzles in taps across all units of the US Apparel and Textiles. Aabshar’s nozzles save 85% water by breaking down the water flow into multiple streams, and 98% water by turning water into mist. Both types of nozzles are simply installed onto existing water taps within 30 seconds. No extra plumbing is required.

Before the installation, the discharge rate of taps in the US Group facilities was 12 litres per minute. After installing Aabshar’s nozzles, the taps’ discharge rate was reduced to 1.8 litres per minute. This equals an 87% reduction in water used. As a result of this saving, the US Group has made tremendous strides in its path to sustainability. In just one year, the US Group has saved 41 million litres of water, and 6.6 million trees, while positively impacting lives of 149 thousand people and saved electricity equal to 5113 households, all with the help of a nozzle!

By taking this step to battle water scarcity on our planet, the US Group continues to create positive outcomes for people, the planet, prosperity, peace, and partnerships essential to the global SDGs, thereby carving an encouraging path for all socially responsible businesses to take.

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