Nozzle Donation in Mosque

How Aabshar helped reduce 4.69 million liters of water consumption in a Mosque in Model Town, Lahore

Almost two-thirds of the world’s population faces severe water scarcity for at least one month each year. This water crisis worldwide causes several issues for people, including a lack of clean water to drink, wash, and feed crops, all of which contribute to the region’s economic collapse. Pakistan is at the heart of all these problems. Aabshar identified that one of the significant causes of water scarcity across Pakistan is excess water usage in public areas. One prime example of such a place is a mosque. A single ablution uses over 35 litres of water on average. One way to bring this figure down to save water was by introducing mosques around the country to Aabshar’s single-mode water tap nozzles. Aabshar’s single-mode nozzle can save up to 85% water.  

Aabshar donated 21 single-mode water tap nozzles to a mosque located in Model Town, Lahore. Aabshar’s donation was reinforced by a banner that read a hadith that emphasized the importance of saving water in Islam. Before using Aabshar’s nozzles, the water consumption of this mosque was approximately 5.52 million litres annually. The 21 single-mode nozzles helped this mosque save approximately 4.69 million litres of water and decreased annual water consumption to just 0.83 million litres. Aabshar’s single-mode nozzle saved 31 litres of water on average for a single ablution. Most people, when asked, noticed little to no difference while performing ablution and their user experience remained unchanged. 

According to different reports, there are more than 3 million mosques located in Pakistan, and each mosque has at least 15 taps installed in it, according to a conservative estimate. Aabshar is very well equipped to save billions of litres of water annually and is well on its way to playing a significant role in pulling Pakistan out of the water crisis.

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